Funding Mixer


Networking Event



Unique Concepts

Finance meets mixes and mingles with you and your promotional company. 




Dedicated to Quality

The events will be exclusively hosted by our financial partners

Promoters will be provided an additional benefit of a monetary nature


Start A New Path

Reap Benefits of

Partnering with us


Embrace Your Style

Ability to establish and promote your style, your brand, and gain  knowledge about   Business Ideas   and Investment Opportunities


Bringing finance to the party

What is the funding mixer?


The funding mixer is an opportunity for promoters that have established events and/or established followings to become partners with our financing company to bring finance to their events.

Networking Event Subjects 

  • How to Join an Investment Group

  • Starting an Investment Group with No Money Down


How do we get started? 

  • Sign a contract that teams us up with your promotion company

  • Build relationships with select promoters in a list of select cities



The events will be exclusively hosted by our financial partners

  •  Blanks Financial Solutions

  • Blanks Capital

  • Concept Booking

  • Sports Shop Network

  • Benefits of partnering with us…

  • The agreement would be to focus the first hour of the event toward our focus in exchange we will prepare some type of enticer to help pull others to your initial event. 

This will vary by area, type of event, and initial crowd draw.

Examples of give-away items

  •  Promoters will be provided the additional benefit of a monetary nature.  If while promoting during our hour provided revenue is generated in the form of funding, there will be an offering provided to the promoter that the original contract was made.  This will be negotiated before the event.

  • By partnering, if you would like to do other alternative events focused on our area of expertise, we will provide the same services to you with an agreed upon contract.

  • Ability to expand your knowledge of “Business Ideas” and “Investment Opportunities”

  • The opportunity will be there to make additional income and possibly receive funding for your own ventures.