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Asset manager

mergers & acquisitions

 The Asset Executive manages the highest level of our financial managers. This office is responsible for the all of the accurate financial reporting for the project.

Finance manager

portfolio solutions

The Finance Executive establishes credit standards for the project. This includes deciding who the company will issue the credit to, developing the project’s credit rating criteria, determining the maximum amount of credit a given individual or company may receive and deciding the method by which the company will handle collections.

project manager
 solutions TEAM

The Project Manager manages the project’s budget and makes adjustments to the budget as needed. The industry-specific manager is also in charge of matters such as the deployment of funds. If a  borrower expands or merges with another company and needs a solutions manager, we will assign a manager to closely interact with a portfolio, asset or a finance officer to coordinate the expansion or merger.



Our Administrative Office: Las Vegas, Nevada

We provide Loans for Project Capital, Assets, and Leases. Our Capital helps registered businesses in places where our people live and work. We are affiliated with Realtors, Builders, Management Companies, Vendors and Dealers, Manufacturers, Distributors throughout North America.

At BFS we have set goals with a few visionary people, and over the past few years, we have grown into a team of experienced professionals. We understand business people, and business operations and we are able to make common sense credit decisions.


We are a full-service referral financial institution specializing in creating capital acquisition strategies that are tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

Through our relationships with underwriters and partnerships with people across the globe, we have the ability to extend opportunities to individuals on all levels.

Whether, seeking personal funding, business or real estate capital, franchises, auto finance and insurance. We can help you structure a unique solution for every situation.

Employment Statics

Stat #1: About 3 million Americans quit their job each month.
Stat #2: In a study of over 1000 workers, 31% reported having quit a job within 6 months of being hired.
Stat #3 More than 50% of all organizations globally are challenged with retaining valued employees.
Stat #4 87% of HR leaders consider improved retention a critical or high priority for the next 5 years.
Stat #5: The cost to replace a highly-trained employee can exceed 200% of their annual salary.
Stat #6: More than 25% of employees are in a high-retention risk category.


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