Training Manual

Training Manual

Training Manual

Fast Start Training Manual

BFS Financial is an affiliate marketing company with corporate headquarters located in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA
BFS Financial is the exclusive agency tasked to market and distribute an online web portal service designed and proven in use by BFS FINANCIAL CONCIERGE SERVICES.

BFS Financial uses a unique relationship marketing concept-structured as a three-tier affiliate program to accomplish this mission.

The primary product of BFS is a Benefits Technology platform called DOUBLE-DOWN. You do NOT sell insurance.

DOUBLE-DOWN is backed by an A.M. Best “Global Insurance Innovation 2018” awarded insurer backed website that non-insurance organizations can now brand to their own website.

It was awarded most innovative because it provides a complete integration, not just a hyperlink.

It also offers a game-changing “instant issue” term life policy made available by an industry-leading retail customer.

It offers real-time, instant underwriting and allows applicants to purchase insurance policies online in minutes.
All insurance work is handled via toll-free numbers by expert insurance agents providing a full-service Concierge Service that handles all the customer service and paperwork.

If you are a licensed insurance agent and wish to take a more active role in the sales process, contact your national or regional director about becoming appointed with National Brokerage.

The BFS Financial team is made up of referring professionals who contact existing relationships and bring the demonstration site to a prospective client company’s attention.

There is no fee, no cost, and no extra work for a company to be involved. Referrers earn monthly revenue through their clients’ sites. The client host company earns a generous marketing fee.