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Business Advisory Team


Business Advisory Team

Robert Blanks, Owner
Mr. Blanks is the owner of Blanks Financial Solutions, Inc, is a financial concierge service based in Las Vegas, NV with satellite offices throughout the US. Robert studied at AIU University,  earning an Associates in Business degree with a concentration in sports medicine and entertainment.
Before graduating he began to focus his attention on a myriad of business opportunities. Initially, he started as an apprentice in underwriting which fueled his passions for business, specifically in the financial realm. Then the road led to entertainment in artist promotion, then growing into artist development, and launching specialized event booking and venue compilation packages to round out the entertainment industry.
Various businesses developing revenue also became a major focus ranging from franchising tax services nationwide, creating specialized staffing company, contracting and funding wholesale commercial real estate, and building a business that generates asset protection for individuals and companies alike. Financing businesses, assisting in building personal wealth for individuals, creating monetary avenues has been the passion that fuels Robert and Blanks Financial Solutions, Inc.  Finance is the pulse of this company and the knowledge and expertise that is shared by Mr. Blanks of all parties involved are astronomical.
There are always programs and directives created by Robert to consistently bring ideas for wealth. The next major piece that is ready to officially launch in the coming months is Concept Booking. It is a needed service determining the definitive outliers that are present in the structural and monetary acumen that will revolutionize how artists and the billable services attached will develop and grow.

Aaron Lasley
Executive Relations
For Blanks Financial Solutions, Inc., Mr. Lasley started his career after graduating college KCKCC with AA in Business Management/Business Communications. It was soon realized that another call would soon come to pass within the structure of specialized study in human behavior. By utilizing his studies in psychology is soon became evident this was a great tool in the development and building great relationships for a higher purpose in the business world.
Mr. Lasley co-founded a music production company in the late 90’s, working with producers and songwriters in “Theme songs” for various professional sports teams in the U.S/ Canada. His appetite for business expands from a family owned transportation company within the healthcare industry, starting a non-profit for managing large-scale trade shows for clients’, partnering with a sports agency in the CFL to assist players with personal, financial, and investment ventures.
Mr. Lasley has been instrumental in motivating and inspiring players that lead them to win 2 Grey Cup Championships in 2004 with Toronto Argonauts and 2011 with BC Lions. (The 2011 Grey Cup championship is the first in Professional Sports history for any team to come back from 0-6 record to win the Championship).
Soon afterward he took his career into the technology sector in the telecommunications field by bridging the gap of communications between Executive team and Developers/engineers and network servers. Aaron’s wealth of experience with dealing with clients on all tier levels of business became a natural fit for the financial industry.
Studies in psychology are instrumental in assisting both small/ large businesses with the best-match programs to expand their growth and development. His passions since being a centrical part of our firm’s growth with real estate development and construction clients in the area of servicing bridge loans and commercial loans, private equity, expanding our brand Team Tangible for the private sector and building private groups of investors for cash-flowing businesses and franchises; all to assist in servicing clients’ debt. Aaron has been labeled as the next behavioral guru of Wall Street.

Karen Dublin
VP of Operational Sales Development

Karen has served as a leader in business, non-profit and marketplace sector for 38 years. She presently serves at Blanks Financial Services as VP of Operational Development. Her skills include consulting, strategic planning, business planning, administrative services, grant writing, business training and a host of other business services. 

Wayne Wiggins
Media, Television & Film Expert
The go-to guy for all audiovisual and entertainment. Wayne is an icon having spearheaded and innovated many key areas of the television and film industry.  Just a quick overview of his accolades includes winning 2 Emmys’, the winner of 76 Addys’, and is one of the original creators of the HSN channel (Home Shopping Network).
He has directed WWE, and WWF events, several Monday night football events, as well as 3 super bowls. He is currently directing NFL games, and commercials for large companies such as Budweiser, Coco-Cola, and McDonald’s. Currently, his newest brainstorm is the Sports Shop Network.
This is definitely not your new average idea but targets a wider demographic and incorporates shopping with the most popular television experiences; sports and fitness. For the past 25 years, Wideshot Productions Media has provided media, and support of inside Marketing Directors who represent: Walgreens, Carnival Cruise Line,, Forbes, Geico, Corona Beer, Royal Caribbean, Wyndham Resorts, Walmart, McDonald’s, and many others.

Insurance Team
Michael C. Sanders
Grew up in long line of insurance company heritage, his grandfather’s first cousin created North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance company in Durham North Carolina, after working as a field representative for Met life after college, went to work in Harlem for the other minority-owned life insurance company in New York, United Mutual life insurance Company. He has sold large contracts in the area of life insurance, annuities, medical and Property & Casualty; he has worked with banks and lenders all over these United States of America. He has a unique insight and ability to find a happy point for his clients and the institution as well. For more than 36 years he has helped clients find their unicorn. In his various attempts to help business owners find financing, he came together with several sources that find a seamless method of using sophisticated insurance products and guaranteed interest programs to create leverage and collateral.
This is the method he to assist in the acquisition of your quest for funding. Michael has developed an exclusive relationship with Edward Espinal & Marlon Mejia of Cash Flow Partners; a firm that he feels is on the brink of great market adjustment. He is using the word adjustment because until the rest of the playing field catches up to their combined efforts.

Robert D. James
Over the years I have worked in various disciplines from Property/Casualty insurance that assesses risk and discusses insurance coding and cost to involvement in the ownership and management of various real estate properties.
I have now taken these 35 plus years and fused my abilities to work with MFI as a partner. This involves the creating the financial part of the business plans to help make business owners bankable. The business owner often gets confused with how to allocate money for their business or financial concern.
The owner doesn’t want to appear uninformed and he or she won’t raise their hand.
Excuse me “I really don’t understand “access to capital, planning, and professionals outside of traditional banking setting, or a classroom is frightening to most. I advocate being a voice of reason, with explanations, suggestions, and safety net ideas. So many business owners we met just want to finish the plan, it’s about having a plan of action to repay the money.

Monika Moo-Young holds an MS degree in Computer Information Systems. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate, Communications & Information Systems at Robert Morris University. Monkia has excelled at assessing organizational needs, managing change initiatives, and training professionals in new processes⎯all in support of the financial health of organizations.

In her most recent role as Manager of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation and Industrial Research, Monika served as a catalytic force using project management skills that were instrumental in establishing a new department and developing unified marketing strategies, messaging and content to develop the institutional roadmap for a $1 Billion University.

As CEO of her own business, she directed her staff to test innovative ideas with non-profit groups on a pro bono basis, where she piloted ideas to quickly evaluate needs, implement solutions, and train staff. Her career underscores branding, project management, and operations roles required of an executive. Monika’s current interests revolve around taking organizations to the next levels of their missions, especially in the global arena.

Diana Cadogen
After working in the property and casualty field for thirty plus years I have seen claims, and coverage levels for business owners evolve and pivot and make drastic changes. For our clients my insurance team does in with a fine-tooth comb, to access outlay and potential cost, and claims avoidance if at all possible. No insurance professional has a monopoly on new or good ideas; we want to bring choice, and rational planning, no miracles but alternatives if needed.

Enhanced Management and Accounting Services
Eric S. Avrumson, CEBS, ChHC, Director, National Accounts
Eric Avrumson manages National Accounts for a small yet diverse group of middle and large market clients, including both public and privately held concerns. Eric’s team is responsible for over $250 million in benefit premium. As a team leader, Eric identifies opportunities for enhanced benefit management and creates strategic initiatives through the connection of thorough data analysis. Eric is intricately involved in the strategy development and overall progress of his client engagements. Eric has 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including three years as an underwriter with Aetna. Eric has earned dual degrees, with both a BA and an MBA in Management from the University of Hartford.
He has completed the course of study and exams required to earn the CEBS designation from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Eric currently serves on the MetLife Insurance Company Broker Advisory Council and previously on United Healthcare’s Global Advisory Board. For the last 6 years, Eric has embarked on various ventures with Michael Sanders Insurance professional bidding on large group clients in various states of the union. Self-funding models and specialty programs with benefit trust are just a tip of the iceberg.

Anthony DeSpenza
Principal and lead trader/consultant
DeSpenza Capital Management (DCM)
In 2002, DCM announced a full-service futures, options, FX and stock futures commodity consultant firm licensed with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA).
The firm and Mr. DeSpenza have executed thousands of transactions with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), MF Global, and Chase Manhattan for buy/sell futures trading, physical commodity hedging & delivery, as well as derivative manage accounts. Additionally, Mr. DeSpenza is licensed in Life/Health/Property & Casualty insurance offering international trading corporations risk management directives for cargo, shipping, and storage of commodities worldwide. Since 2010 Mr. DeSpenza has been assisting startups with seed capital to series A funding with successfully funding: Open Vision Networks, Global Management Systems Gmbh, & KOAR Technology Clothing.
Attorneys take Section 162 and the corporate resolution to new heights, after doing careful research and understand special aspects of the tax code revolving around this code of the IRS regulations. The double bonus is a great feature for a business owner or professional athlete who’s earning potential could be cut short. The key is to take advantage of quality information that when fused with preferential tax treatment means thousands on the backend.